Welcome Reception

A welcome reception, free of charge, will be held on Sunday evening, September 29 in the Summit Hall on the fourth floor of the Phoenix Seagaia Resort Convention Center. This is a good opportunity to obtain conference materials, as well as to get acquainted with other participants.


A conference banquet will be held on Thursday evening, October 3 in the Shosenkyu Green Garden in the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort Hotel. The fee for the conference banquet is included in the registration fee. An advanced reservation is not necessary.

Accompanying Persons Program

  • Registration of Accompanying Persons Program had been closed on Sep. 6

ICSCRM2013 have arranged local tours for accompanying persons. For planning purposes, it is preferable that you please sign up for these activities via MyICSCRM page prior to September 6th specifying which of these tours you will be participating in. You will need to pay for these ticket purchases at ICSCRM registration desk at the time of each tour as these tickets were not priced into the ICSCRM Accompanying Persons registration fee. If there are few participants for each tour, such tour may be canceled. Further information will be announced at this web site.

  • Course A : The Nichinan Coastline Tour
  • Date : October 2
  • Cost : 7,000 JPY
    This price includes lunch, admission fee, and experience fee.
  • Introduction of this tour
    A guide who can speak English goes together in this tour.

This tour visits some famous sightseeing points along The Nichinan Coastline by bus.
As you drive along this breathtaking coastal road, and the blue sky and horizon stretches out before you, you'll realize you really are in a tropical paradise. You can take some time to stop and smell the flowers at the Horikiri Pass, view the "Devil's Washboard" rocks of Aoshima Island, throw a clay ball for good luck at Udo Shrine, and time slip experience to the Edo period at Obi Castle Town.
Aoshima Shrine is located almost in the center of Aoshima district of Miyazaki City, the shrine regards the whole Aoshima Island of 1.5 km in circumference as its precincts. It enshrines Yamasachihiko who is known in the legend of Umisachi-Yamasachi, and his wife Princess Toyotama-hime.
Udo shrine is unusual shrine where the brightly vermillion-lacquered main shrine is sitting in a cave on the tip of Cape Udosaki facing the Pacific Ocean. One's wish is said to be granted if one can throw with one's wish an Ungyoku (lucky stone) into a dint of the rock below.
Obi Castle was the main castle of the Ito clan during the Edo period (1603-1867).Prior to that time, many battles were fought between the Ito clan and the Shimazu clan, from neighboring Kagoshima, for possession of the castle. The castle's front gate, and the "Matsuo-no-maru" hall have been painstakingly restored, and the stone wall which surrounded the castle during the Edo period still remains. At Obi castle town, you can experience the Japanese art of archery called SIHANMATO. SHIHANMATO is the Bushido which Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki in Kyushu wears and gets across to a district, it is called kyudo. It is the feature to shoot an arrow with a sitting-straight posture on the basis of 4.5. Four half targets will have a little more than 400 years of history from the second half of the 16th century.

  • Course B : Aya Town and Miyazaki City Tour
  • Date : September 30
  • Cost : 6,000 JPY
    This price includes lunch, admission fee, and experience fee.
  • Introduction of this tour
    A guide who can speak English goes together in this tour.

This tour visits some famous sightseeing points at Aya town and Miyazaki City.
Aya Town is home to Japan's largest evergreen forest. It has a total area of 1,748 hectares, and consists of evergreen trees such as oaks and camellias. At this town, you visit Teruha Large Suspension Bridge. This bridge is a symbol of sightseeing and forest protection in Aya Town. It was built with the wish to make people protect evergreen broad-leaved forests and feel blessings and importance of nature, and splendor of natural ecosystem. It is renovated in October 2011.
At the lunch time, you visit Shusen-no-Mori, this is a theme park and you can try your hand at traditional Japanese industrial arts, and sample shochu, wine, and local beer.
Aya Castle has been authentically recreated as 680 years old mountain castle based on the opinions of Japan Castle Foundation. Inside the Castle is the museum where you can look back on the history of Aya.
Heiwadai Park is a park with beautiful seasonal flowers and greenery, located on the 60 meters high hill near downtown Miyazaki City. Besides Heiwa-no-to (peace tower) which was built in commemoration of the 2600th Anniversary of Japan, it has the Haniwa doll Garden, promenades, and the Athletic Square.
Miyazaki Shrine, surrounded by untouched forest, is the site of many festivals throughout the year. The biggest is the "Aki-no-Taisai" festival, held each October. During this festival, there is a big parade of richly decorated "Shan Shan" horses (so named due to the sound the bells they wear make) and people dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, all the way from the shrine to the middle of town.

  • Course C : Picking Experience of Fresh Fruits Tour
  • Date : October 1
  • Cost : 8,000 JPY
    This price includes lunch, admission fee, and experience fee.
  • Introduction of this tour
    A guide who can speak English goes together in this tour.

This tour visits two fruit farms across lunch and you can experience the picking of fresh fruits.~ In the morning, you can pick some fresh grapes and pears and eat at once. Of course, you can take out these fruits to hotel as present.~ In the afternoon, you can pick some apples. This is unique experience. The apple can grow at the cool area where the average temperature is about 10 degree Celsius. However, Miyazaki is warm area throughout the year.
At the lunch time, please relish miyazaki local chicken called “ HIRAKO JIDORI”.



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